Easy way to implement simple UI with .net


I’m mostly working with backend development in .net, but I need implementing web UI (+ possibly mobile app) for my pet project. Can someone "list" possible ways to do it? Maybe something about no code framework? I didn’t find such stuff for .net eco system.
NOTE: I can work with asp.net in general, but it looks overkill for me given it’s only for pet project.

>Solution :

These are all the different UI frameworks available in .net ecosystem:

  • Asp.Net Core MVC
  • Asp.Net Core Razor Pages
  • Blazor web assembly (SPA)
  • Blazor server side (SPA)

I recommend you to use razor pages,
It’s great for small projects, easy to learn, and super clean syntax.

If you prefer to have a SPA application,
try out Blazor server side.

Links :

Introduction to Blazor

Introduction to Razor Pages

If you’re not familiar with html/css, use a css framework, like bootstrap

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