How to get C# library file in output directory?


I have a solution with a few projects:

  1. library.dll with something.json
  2. webapp.dll
  3. winapp.exe

2 and 3 depend on 1, not on eachother.

I would like copy something.json to the bin directory of winapp.exe

However setting the properties to Content and Copy always doesn’t do what I expected.

>Solution :

You can use the Post-build event command line of your winapp.exe for instruct to copy that file inside your target dir

something like this

xcopy /Y  $your path of something.json $(TargetDir).

Change your path of something.json to your actual path.

Remember that you have a set of usefull link

  • (TargetDir) = Where your project is going to be compiled
  • (SolutionDir) = The solution path on your disk
  • (ProjectDir) = The project path on your disk

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