useState change only one value in array

Have an array of pairs, and am using separate filter functions to change the array value. But I’m struggling to only change a single value while retaining the existing ones.

const [filters, setFilters] = useState({
        fur: '',
        expression: ''

const filterFur = (fur) => e => {
            fur: fur

    const filterExpression = (expression) => e => {
            expression: expression
    <label className="label"> 
       <input type="radio" name="checkbox" value="All Furs" onClick={filters.fur === '' ? null : filterFur('')}/> All

When onClick triggers the function, it sets fur to the desired value, but removes expression entirely. How would I keep the expression value, while changing only fur?

>Solution :

Make use of the spread operator to modify the desired parts of state and copy the other parts:

setFilters({ ...filters, fur: fur });
setFilters({ ...filters, expression: expression });

Here is some more official documentation:

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