What do the colors in `yarn list` mean?

When I run yarn list modules are shown in either white or a faded grey color.

$ yarn list --pattern '@mycompany/foo-api'
yarn list v1.19.0
├─ WHITE @mycompany/some-module@1.0.0
│  └─ WHITE @mycompany/foo-api@1.0.17
└─ GREY @mycompany/foo-api@1.0.15
Done in 0.72s.

There is no documentation on the colors.

What do the colors in yarn list mean?

>Solution :

This has previously been raised as a GitHub issue. In my perspective, it’s a contrast between bold and non-bold rather than a color issue. In a nutshell,

  • ‘bold‘ (white) refers to non-hoisted dependents.
  • The term ‘dim'(grey) refers to hoisted child dependencies.

Need documentation of what does the color mean in yarn list output

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