C# -> 7 in a string, convert to int returns 55?

Evening… revising some C# coding questions///

10 Random numbers
….so I put brackets around the numbers and made it a string…
created an array with [10]…idea is to iterate through the string and convert each string var to an int and add to myArray…problem being…why does 7 return as 55?

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   var Numbers = "7319018271";

        int[] myArray = new int[10];

        for(int i = 0; i < Numbers.Length; i++)
            myArray[i] = Numbers[Convert.ToInt32(i)];

        int test = myArray[0];

>Solution :

To explain 55, that’s the ASCII code for the character 7.

The problem you have your code here is that you have Convert.ToInt32 in the wrong place. Currently you’re converting i (an int) to an int. The other issue is that passing a char to Convert.ToInt32 will still result in 55, so you need to first convert it to a string. Fixing both of these problems, we end up with the following:

myArray[i] = Convert.ToInt32(Numbers[i].ToString());

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