Variable resetting problem in a list of objects


Today I was writing some SDL C++ program, with squares called particles. My problem is that, for some reason, variable y in instances of class Particle is always resetting to the value passed into the constructor after incrementing it by 1. I’m storing objects in a list.
That’s a method called every frame:

void everyFrame(){
   std::cout<<"update y: "<<this->y<<std::endl;

And this method is also called every frame, after the everyFrame() method:

void blit(){
   std::cout<<"blitting y: "<<this->y<<std::endl;

This is part of the code, where I’m adding an object/objects to the list:

std::list<Particle> particles;

And there I’m executing these 2 methods in the main loop:

for(Particle x:particles){
for(Particle x:particles){

The console output of the program when y 5 is passed into the constructor is just:

update y: 6
blitting y: 5

looped around.
I also found out that when I’m storing an object in a normal variable, not in the list, then it works. Is there any reason/fix for it not working in the list?

>Solution :

These lines:

for(Particle x:particles){

are not modifying the particles list.
This is because Particle x:particles is creating a copy of each element before calling x.everyFrame().
You need to change it to:

for(Particle & x:particles){  // NOTE: added &

Taking a refernce to the list element will modify the element in the list.
The same applied to the second loop applying blit().

A side note:
Using the auto keywoard is usually recomended in this case. You need to keep in mind that auto does not include CV qualifiers, and pointerness/referenceness. Therefore you need:

for(auto & x:particles){ ... }

And if you are traversing a container without modifying the elements, it is rcomended to use:

for(auto const & x:particles){ ... }

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