Stripe webhook account.updated never triggered, whenever an connected account status changes

I have a Stripe Connect integration with custom account.
When I create a Custom account, the account status is "Restricted". Then I fill the onboarding form and it changes to "Complete" (ready for payments and payouts).

Even though I have a webhook setup for the account.updated event, it’s never triggered.

Following Stripe documentation it should be triggered for all the connected account, whenever a status changes.
enter image description here

However, as we can see here, no event was triggered since one week:
enter image description here

Do you have an idea why? (please note that I’m in test mode right now)

>Solution :

Is your webhook endpoint a Connect webhook endpoint? There are 2 types. I would make sure this webhook endpoint was created as a Connect one. If it is and you’ve configured it for account.updated events, then I would reach out to Stripe’s support to see what’s going on.

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