Replace string values from any Object class – Java

I am trying to write a generic function which will accept an Object parameter. It will parse through the Object fields and if it happens to be a String, then it will search for certain characters and replace it. My proficiency in Java isn’t the greatest, so I am stuck at a place where I don’t know how to replace the String value in the original Object parameter. This is the code:

    public Object replaceBeanFields(Object obj) throws IllegalArgumentException, IllegalAccessException {

        for (Field field : obj.getClass().getDeclaredFields()) {
            Object value = null;
            value = field.get(obj);
            if (value instanceof java.lang.String) {
                //I want to replace certain characters in this field and return it as part of obj

        return obj;

I would appreciate any pointers that would help. Thanks.

>Solution :

Modify the value according to your requirements (See,java.lang.String))

And then set the changed value onto the object.

        if (value instanceof java.lang.String) {
            String newValue = ((String)value).replace(regex, replacement);
            field.set(obj, newValue);


Your case may be different, but in many cases if you’re having to use reflection, you may be missing a simpler way to do things.

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