I need to select only one occurrence of dash in my table

Im facing this problem: I need to select columns with only one occurence of dash in table like this:

Id   Name
1    Boots - black
2    Sneakers - Logan - white
3    Shirt - white
4    Pants - cargo - blue
5    Hat – green

So it will type out only column 1,3 and 5 – because they have only one dash and others have 2 or more.

Ive tried this query: Select * from products where Name like “%-%“; ,but it selected all occurences of dash, no matter if theres one or more.

Thanks a lot!

>Solution :

You can use LENGTH and REPLACE:

FROM products 
WHERE (LENGTH(Name) - LENGTH(REPLACE(Name, '-', ''))) = 1

If there is only one "dash" in the Name, the calculation of LENGTH(Name) - LENGTH(REPLACE(Name, '-', '')) will return one.

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