SwiftUI conditional Text modifier .textSelection

maybe a absolute beginner question:
In the following code is foregroundColor working but .textSelection doesn’t. What is the reason?

Text("This is a Test")
  .foregroundColor(isSelectable ? .green : .red)
  .textSelection(isSelectable ? .enabled : .disabled)

>Solution :

We cannot put it ternary operator, because .enabled and .disabled are of different concrete types (confirming to one protocol), so possible variant is

let text = "This is a Test"
Group {
    if isSelectable {
    } else {
.foregroundColor(isSelectable ? .green : .red)

Note: actually Apple does not consider this feature as togglable, let’s read the doc

/// A selectability value that enables text selection by a person using your app.
/// Enabling text selection allows people to perform actions on the text
/// content, such as copying and sharing. Enable text selection in views
/// where those operations are useful, such as copying unique IDs or
/// error messages. This allows people to paste the data into
/// emails or documents.

It’s hardly imaginable that "useful informations electability" can be turned of for some reason. Just in case.

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