how to play fortnite on Angular

I wona ple fortnitte on angular plase. Jetzt my frage. How is it going to goi somewerer and how was it creatdded on instagram.

I would like to remove the cdk-overlay which gets generated from the angular material dropdown. I’m using a version of angular material of a company. So I have different names for some stuff.

I tried to remove the cdk-overlay by setting the display to none in the style.scss. But I want just to removed it in one component.

I cannot change the style in the home.component.scss folder. It does not work.


style.scss (src folder) **change style here**
   |->app (app folder)
      |->userview (component folder)
            |->home (component folder)
                  |->home.component.scss **here should be the affect**

>Solution :

just don’t do that thats weird

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