how to validate user name and password from given array of objects?

hello i have a hook in app.js:

    {name:'aaaaaa', password:'11111', balance:78000},
    {name:'bbbbbb', password:'22222', balance:5000},
    {name:'cccccc', password:'33333', balance:15000},
    {name:'dddddd', password:'44444', balance:1000000},

i sent this hook through Route to a sing in component.
how can i validate each customer to his own password?

inside the component i made 2 inputs that sent the value that written to 2 hooks and a button, i wand the validation to happen when im clicking on the button (onClick). and return the index of the object that holds ths given name adn password so i can pass it to the customer page/component.
thank you.

singin component:


<input onChange={(e)=>{setName(}} placeholder='user name'></input>
<inputonChange={(e)=>{setPassword(}} placeholder='password'></input>
<button onClick={valid}>Enter</button>```

>Solution :

Just find with the set values if it exists or not in your array

const valid () => {
  let existsUser = customer.find((x) => ( === name && x.password === password))
    alert('Navigate to new page')

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