index value of the tuples

write a function named sums that takes 3 arguments: 2 lists of integers nums1 and nums2, and an integer target; then return a tuple containing indices i and j of the two numbers in nums1 and nums2, respectively, where the numbers at that indices add up to target (i.e, nums1[i] + num2[j] = target). If there is no solution, return “Not found”. The function sums must contain exactly only one loop (either a for-loop or a while-loop), otherwise you will get no point. A nested-loop is considered as more than one loop.

def sums(nums1, nums2, target):
nums1 = [11, 2, 15, 7, 8]
nums2 = [2, 3, 4, 5]
target_number = 9
for i in range(len(nums1)):
    for j in range(len(nums2)):
        total = nums1[i] + nums2[j]
        if total == target:
            a = (nums1[i], nums2[j])

This is the code that i have written and i am struggling to get the index values can anyone please help!

>Solution :

You can solve it in O(n) with a dictionary and a single for loop;

nums1 = [11, 2, 15, 7, 8]
nums2 = [2, 3, 4, 5]
target_number = 9

def sums(nums1, nums2, target):
    d = dict(zip(nums2, range(len(nums2))))
    for i,n in enumerate(nums1):
        remainder = target-n
        if remainder in d:
            return (i, d[remainder])
    return 'Not found'

sums(nums1, nums2, target_number)

Output: (3, 0)

Be aware that while there is a single for loop, the code is looping to construct the dictionary, it’s just not visible directly.

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