Plots of each DF column show the same Title (instead of the specific DF column name)

Hi all!.

The R code below,
works great to display 4 plots,
one plot for each numeric column
in the iris DF.
And that’s exactly the plots i need.

Problem is,
all 4 plots (one for each column),
have the same default Title at the top:
Histogram of x

…instead of a plot Title at the top,
for each specific DF column name:
Histogram of Sepal.Length
Histogram of Sepal.Width,

Here’s the R code:

 f <- function(x){
      c( hist(x, freq = FALSE ), 
        lines(density(x)) )
  sapply(iris[1:4], f) # where "f" is the FX f/above!.

What R-code am I missing?.
Help, please!…

SFer —
latest version of R, Rstudio,
Ubuntu LINUX 20.04.

>Solution :

par(mfrow = c(2,2))
f <- function(data, colname){
  hist(data[,colname], freq = FALSE, 
       main = paste("Histogram of", colname),
       xlab = colname) 

sapply(names(iris)[1:4], function(x) f(iris, x)) 

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