PyAutoGUI "PixelMatchesColor" always TRUE

I’m trying to check a pixel on my screen using pyautogui "PixelMatchesColor" function, but it always runs the code even if the pixel color is not correct.

Here’s my code:

def myFunction():
    im = pyautogui.screenshot()
    color = im.getpixel((1992, 1435))
        pyautogui.pixelMatchesColor(1992, 1435, (85, 214, 142))
        print("Color found")
        print("Color not found")


(16, 52, 154)
Color found

Do you know where I’m making a mistake?

>Solution :

As seen in, pixelMatchesColor returns a boolean value True or False to indicate whether the color matches.

To branch on a boolean value, use an if statement. A try statement is for catching exceptions, which is not relevant here.

if pyautogui.pixelMatchesColor(1992, 1435, (85, 214, 142)):
    print("Color found")
    print("Color not found")

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