Change <textarea> font size when the value's length reaches a certain number

As stated in the title, I want to change the textarea’s font size after 50 or more values have been entered. For instance, my textarea’s normal font size is 20px, but when I input something greater than or equal to 50 characters, the font size changes to 14px.

I tried doing

let textArea = document.getElementById("post");
var maxNumOfChars = 50;
const countCharacters = () => {
    let numOfEnteredChars = textArea.value.length;
textArea.addEventListener("inputs", countCharacters);
if(numOfEnteredChars >= 50) { = "1px";
<textarea name="post" placeholder="What's on you mind?" id="post"></textarea>

For sure, there’s something wrong in my code (I’m a javascript beginner) so please correct my code or make a better way for doing it. Thanks

>Solution :

First of all – event must be input, instead of inputs

The other thing – is the corrected business logic

const textArea = document.getElementById('post');

const resizeTextArea = () => { = textArea.value.length <= 50 ? '20px' : '14px';

textArea.addEventListener('input', resizeTextArea);
<textarea id="post"></textarea>

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