Perform Subtraction in Moment Js

I want to subtract the duration value from the end value. How can I do that with moment.js? I am currently getting the error not valid ISO-8601 date format.

let start = 1977
let end = 1985
let duration = moment(start.toString()).unix() - moment(end.toString()).unix();
let newvalue = = moment(end.toString()).unix() - moment(duration.toString()).unix();

The calculation I have for duration works, so I thought to replicate it for newvalue, but that doesn’t work. Am I missing anything? It must be in ISO-8601 format.

>Solution :

You can use .add or .subtract methods to add/subtract a duration.

Not your question, but I would expect the duration to be end-start, not start-end.

Here is how it could work:

let start = 1977
let end = 1985
let duration = moment(end.toString()).unix() - moment(start.toString()).unix();
let newvalue = moment(end.toString()).subtract(duration, "second");

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Take note of the message from the authors of momentjs:

we would like to discourage Moment from being used in new projects going forward

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