Rewriting old commits in the master branch

Say I have this commit history:

A - B - C (master)
          D - E - F (Feature)

I’d like to amend commit B. So, I do:

  • git checkout master
  • git rebase -i <hash of A>

After the rebase is done, I see the change using git log.
However when I switch to the Feature branch, commit B is still as it was before the rebase.
In other words, when I’m in master branch, the commit history looks like this:

A - B' - C (master)

When I switch to Feature branch, the commit history looks like this:

A - B - C (master)
          D - E - F (Feature)

I understand that rewriting the commit history is not wise, but I have to do this in my case.

How can I amend an old commit and have those changes be reflected on every branch?
Am I doing this the wrong way?

The new commit history will be force pushed into Github and I don’t want to mess things up.

Any help would be appreciated.

>Solution :

After your rebase, what you actually have is

  B'- C' (master)
A - B - C
          D - E - F (Feature)

So now to complete the operation you’d have to rebase Feature on (the recently rewritten) master

$ git checkout Feature

$ git rebase master

          D'-E'-F' (Feature)
A - B'- C' (master)
  B - C - D - E - F (soon to be garbage collected)

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