Jquery If condition True add style visibility:hidden

I’m trying, if an "if" condition is true, to set the style of an element to "visibility:hide;".

I’ve done this:

if (user.privilege = 3) {

But when the If condition runs, in the console i get this error:

"Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘style’)"

What should i do to solve this?

var html = '<div class= "col-lg-6">'+
           '<label class="mt-15">A chi รจ riferito l\'evento? </label>' +
                 '<select class="form-control" id="persone" >' +
                    _this.GetOptionPersone() +
                 '</select >' +
           '</div>' ;

>Solution :

You’ve got a couple of syntax issues. Firstly = is for assignment. To compare values you need to use == or ===.

Secondly css() accepts 2 arguments, the rule name and its value, and it shouldn’t have the trailing ;.

if (user.privilege == 3) {
  $("#persone").css('visibility', 'hidden');

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