Split character from string in Idiomatic way Kotlin

Hey I am working in kotlin. I have one string in which I want to split into list from there where I should provide character. I’ll explain in details

For example 1

val string = "Birth Control"

val searchText = "n"


["Birth Co", "trol"]

For example 2

val string = "Bladder Infection"
val searchText = "i"

Actual Output

["Bladder ", "nfect", "on"]

Expect Output

["Bladder ", "nfection"]

I tried some code but example 1 is working fine but example 2 is not because I only want to split first occurrence.

val splitList = title?.split(searchText, ignoreCase = true)?.toMutableList()

Can someone guide me how to solve this idiomatic way. Thanks

>Solution :

You miss the limit option of the split function. If you give it a value of 2 the result list will have a maximum of 2 entries:

val result = "Bladder Infection".split("i", ignoreCase = true, limit = 2)

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