Where to download the old SQL ODBC driver version 10 (not the Native Client)

We have a legacy application that fails to connect to SQL Server on certain computer (we have activated TLS, and that computer now raises an SSL error).

The problem is that the application is hard-coded to connect through the driver named "SQL Server", so my question is where can I download the latest installer of that old ODBC Driver ?.

SQL Server driver

I’m looking for the latest installer, because on my computer I have a more modern version of that driver and it runs correctly the legacy application that raises this error.

SQL Server driver

On the Microsoft site I’ve only found the more modern ODBC drivers for SQL Server (version 11 and upwards).

>Solution :

TLDR: You need to update that PC to a newer version of Windows 10. According to Microsoft, the "SQL Server" ODBC driver included in Windows 10 Build 17763.1554 and later supports TLS 1.2.

Details: The legacy MDAC "SQL Server" driver comes bundled with Windows.

Note that the build numbers of the "SQL Server" ODBC driver in your screen shots exactly match the following Windows 10 build numbers:

  • 10.00.14393: Windows 10 1607 (Redstone 1)
  • 10.00.19041: Windows 10 20H1

This does not mean that your PC uses that ancient version of Windows 10; it seems to be the lastest version in which that ODBC driver was updated (I use Windows 10 21H2 and the SQL Server ODBC driver still shows up as 10.00.19041).

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