Is there syntactic sugar for calling a function on each element of a list in JavaScript?

Let’s say I had the following code:

let array = [1, 2, 3]
array.forEach(x => someFunc(x))

In Java, I know the second line could be simpler using Streams (at least for static methods), like so: ...

Essentially I’m asking is there an analog for the ClassName::someFunc part in JavaScript, instead of having to write x => someFunc(x)?

>Solution :

In the simplest case, you can replace

array.forEach(x => someFunc(x))

with just


but there’s some fine print you should be aware of:

  • this generally doesn’t work with object methods: .forEach(someObj.someMeth) won’t work

  • the callback should accept exactly one argument or conform to the forEach calling convention callback(element, index, this). For example, won’t work either, because parseInt has its own idea of what the second argument means.

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