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Currently, I am learning Scala Language and trying to finding out the ways to print the variable without using the plus(+) operator in println() or print() method, and using String Interpolation technique.
So now I got some err. when trying to add the float value in using ${num2:.2f} in the 3rd way.

Output I want :

10 --- 10.25 --- Hello world in all cases.

1st and 2nd case give me that kind of output, but not in third case that’s why, I write it as ${num2:.2f} but it gives me an error.

code :

def main(args: Array[String]): Unit = {

    val num1: Int = 10
    val num2: Float = 10.2543f
    val str1: String = "Hello world"

    //    1st way
    printf("%d --- %.2f --- %s\n", num1, num2, str1)

    //    2nd way
    println("%d --- %.2f --- %s".format(num1, num2, str1))

    //    3rd way
    println(s"$num1 --- ${num2:.2f} --- $str1")

Please help me to solve this problem, thank you!

>Solution :

s"$num1 — ${num2:.2f} — $str1"

Not sure from where you thought that would be valid.
At first glance, it even seems like invalid syntax (although is valid, but means something different of what you want).

Anyways, if we check the official docs on String interpolation we can see that the right way to do that is:

f"$num1 --- $num2%.2f --- $str1"
// val res: String = "10 --- 10.25 --- Hello world"


This actually means that we are trying to upcast num2 to the type 0.2f; which is the literal type of the literal value 0.2f, but, of course, that fails.

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