How to get the index/row number using map in Google Sheets?

I’m trying to get the row number, as that row meets a couple of criteria, but:

  1. I’m getting an array like this: [,,2]
  2. I’ve tried using filter() at the end, but it doesn’t work and I’m not sure how efficient that’d be, if I’m already using map going through the data to get the row:
ar = ["ABC", 25];

vs = [["CBA", 14],
      ["ABC", 25],
      ["DRT", 34]]

function f101() {
  const ss=SpreadsheetApp.getActive();
  const sh=ss.getSheetByName('sheet name');
  const rg=sh.getRange(1,1,sh.getLastRow(),sh.getLastRow());
  const vs=rg.getValues();
  let,i)=>{if(r[0]==ar[0] && r[1] == ar[1]){return i;}});

Expected Result:
1 //2nd row

This is me trying to adapt it from this answer

>Solution :

Instead of use Array.prototype.findIndex

ar = ["ABC", 25];

vs = [["CBA", 14],
      ["ABC", 25],
      ["DRT", 34]]
const h = vs.findIndex((r,i) => r[0] == ar[0] && r[1] == ar[1]);

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