Pandoc conversion to latex not complete

I have been writing a paper in Markdown and successfully converting to a pdf using pandoc. Now I need to output to a latex file. When I do pandoc does not output a full latex file.

I have recreated the problem in a smaller document.

title: Test Document                                                                      
author: Rusty                                                                             
date: 2022 Jul 26                                                                         
# Body #                                                                                  
This is the body.                                                                         

Using the command pandoc --read=markdown --write=latex --output=testdoc.pdf creates the following document which is perfect.

screenshot of pdf output

However, when I try to output to latex without converting to pdf a lot of the document is missing. I use a similar command pandoc --read=markdown --write=latex --output=testdoc.tex

This is the entire document.

This is the body.                                                                         

How can I get the latex output to include everything and act as a full latex document?

>Solution :

You can add the --standalone option:

pandoc --read=markdown --write=latex --output=testdoc.tex --standalone

(but beware that this will just dump every package but the kitchen sink into your document – many of these package are unnecessary and cause a trillion "funny" problems)

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