Remove partial duplicate tuples in a list based on condition

I have a list of tuples like this:

mylist = [
    ('Apple', 'Pass'),
    ('Banana', 'Fail'),
    ('Orange', 'Pass'),
    ('Apple', 'Fail')

I want to remove tuple ('Apple', 'Fail') as I have ('Apple', 'Pass'), meaning remove tuple which has Fail if another tuple has Pass for Apple and so on, so the new list looks like this:

newList = [
    ('Apple', 'Pass'),
    ('Banana', 'Fail'), 
    ('Orange', 'Pass')

How would I do this?

>Solution :


# create a set to search for tuples that has Pass
pass_tuples = {e for e, s in mylist if s == 'Pass'}

# keep tuples that are Pass or doesn't have a Pass
newList = [(e, s) for e, s in mylist if s == 'Pass' or e not in pass_tuples]


[('Apple', 'Pass'), ('Banana', 'Fail'), ('Orange', 'Pass')]

Basically you want to keep the elements in newList that are Pass or that doesn’t have a Pass.

Note: The time complexity of this approach is expected O(n).

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