How to calculate rank with group by in sql?

Suppose if I have table1 as following

Category  Brand  Value     
A           A1     4
B           B1     7
C           C1     8
A           A2     3
B           B2     4
C           C2     6
A           A3     9
B           B3     10
C           C3     1
A           A4     5

Now if I want to calculate rank for each brand but grouped by category how do I go about it?

Something like

Select rank() (over value)
from table
group by category 

Expected output is this:

Category      Brand Value     Rank
A               A3    9         1
A               A4    5         2
A               A1    4         3
A               A2    3         4
B               B3    10        1
B               B1    7         2
B               B2    4         3
C               C1    8         1
C               C2    6         2
C               C3    1         3

>Solution :

Maybe you are looking for something like this.
See this official documentation on DENSE_RANK for more details

select brand, category, dense_rank() over(partition by category order by value desc) as dr
from table

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