How to define class for input variable in VS Code

I’m learning python, suppose I have a class and want to use it as a input variable for other defs:

class person:
    def get_name(self):
    def set_name(self): = name

def dummy(p):

How to tell the IDE know p is an instance of the class person and suggest the defs of the person like Java.
Thanks you.

>Solution :

Consider using a type hint. These are classes you can suggest a certain value will be. Consider this

def say_hello(name: str, age: int) -> None:
    message: str = f'Hello, {name}! You are {age} years old'

Here, we say a function say_hello will take two args: name, which should be an instance of the str class, and age, which should be an instance of the int class. The function should return None, and it defines a local variable message which should also be a string.

Notice how each time I said "should". Python is a dynamically-typed language, so none of these will cause an error if their values aren’t instances of the specified class. These are just a peak at what the variables should be for the developer.

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