How to read intergers from file?

I want to write a program that reads numbers from both.txt file and write to even.txt if its even and to odd.txt if its odd numbers in java. i need help

i have managed to create these files

I have tried the following but its not working:

public static void main(String[] args) throws FileNotFoundException, IOException{
  File both = new File("/home/eddie/Desktop/both.txt"); 
  File odd = new File("/home/eddie/Desktop/odd.txt");      
  File even = new File("/home/eddie/Desktop/even.txt");
  Scanner myObj = new Scanner(;
   int number,remainder;
    System.out.println("Please enter a number!");
        number = myObj.nextInt();
    try (PrintWriter pwboth = new PrintWriter(both)) {
    remainder = number/2;
    if (remainder != 0)
            try (PrintWriter pwodd = new PrintWriter(odd)) {
    else if(remainder > 0)
      try (PrintWriter pweven = new PrintWriter(even)) {

This code is only printing to odd.txt and both.txt even if its even number and i want the program to read numbers from the both file i just don’t know how to go about it.

>Solution :

To know if a number is odd or even, you have to know if it is divisible by 2 or not.

if (number % 2 == 0) {
  // It's an even number, write it to even.txt
} else {
  // It's an odd number, write it to odd.txt

number % 2 == 0 means that the number is divisible by 2 and leaves no remainder behind when divided by 2.

number %2 != 0 means that the number is NOT divisible by 2 and leaves a remainder behind when divided by 2.

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