How to replace specific part of a substring (numbers) with dictionary values in python?

I have a dictionary:

 31: "ddf"}


def12a 1fc 3 33 feg31

Output should replace these substrings from the dictionary:

defba afc c fefddf

I have tried few things using regex. I am able to replace, when the values are a separate word. But I am not able to do it when it is a substring.

What I tried:
d-> dictionary
s-> string

''.join(d[ch] if ch in d else ch for ch in s)

Thank you for the help

>Solution :

You can use re.sub and after finding num use dict for replacing.

import re
dct = {1:"a", 12:"b", 3:"c", 44:"dc", 33:"dd", 31: "ddf"}
st = 'def12a 1fc 3 33 feg31'
res = re.sub(r'(\d+)', lambda x: dct[int(], st)

defba afc c dd fegddf

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