How to use lapply to skimr:: skim multiple data frames then export them to Excel?

I have 2 data frames(more in real life). My goal is to apply the skim function then export them as excel to a folder. They would also have different Excel file names.

df1 <- data.frame(x = rep(3, 5), y = seq(1, 5, 1), ID = letters[1:5])

df2 <- data.frame(x = rep(5, 5), y = seq(2, 6, 1), ID = letters[6:10])

I need the short way to accomplish the below:

for df1:




for df2:




So far I know,
df.list<-list(df1, df2)

lapply(df.list, function(x) ...

I have many more than 2 data frames for this task in real life. Any help to shorten the process would helpful!

>Solution :

We can apply the function after placing the datasets in a list

lst1 <- lapply(list(df1, df2), function(x) {

    dat <- 

names(lst1) <- c('df1_summary', 'df2_summary')
Map(function(x, y) write_xlsx(x, paste0(y, ".xlsx")), lst1, names(lst1))

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