Multiple variable className in next js

How to apply multiple className in Next js, in which there are variable classsnames as well ?
I’m using component level css approach

Here’s my code and what I want to do:

import styles from "./ColorGroup.module.css";

const colors = ["red", "sky", "yellow", "green", "golden"];

const ColorGroup = () => {
  return (
    <div className={styles.colorContainer}>
      <div className={styles.colorBoxContainer}>
        {, index) => (
            // variable color class is not get applied, only colorBox is applied, I want both
            className={`${styles}.${color} ${styles.colorBox}`}


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CSS code:

/* code for layout and arrangement above */

.colorBox {
  height: 36px;
  width: 36px;

.red {
  background-color: lightcoral;
.sky {
  background-color: skyblue;
.yellow {
  background-color: lightyellow;
.green {
  background-color: lightgreen;
.golden {
  background-color: greenyellow;

But this method is only applying the colorBox className and not doing anything for ${styles}.${color} . How to apply both ?

>Solution :

You can try to use the style object, it easier to use it with variables :

<div key={index} className={`${styles.colorBox}`} style={{ backgroundColor: color }} >

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