Regex with double asterisk javascript

I need two regular expressions, one to get ** at the beginning of a string, and one at the end.

For example:

This is a **text** test

With an expression obtain the ** of the beginning and with another those of the end. There may be many more repetitions.

I have tried the following:


Thanks a lot

This **would** be a good **text** to do some **testing**

It should mark all the words that contain ** at the beginning.
And with the other you should mark all the ones that end with **

>Solution :

To match ** just before a word use:

  • \B – is inverse of \b. It matches where \b doesn’t
  • \b – asserts position at a word boundary i.e. (^\w|\w$|\W\w|\w\W)

RegEx Demo 1

And to match ** just after a word use:


RegEx Demo 2

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