why does my std::transform retuns nothing/empty string?

can you help explain me how to use std::transform ?
I need to create a function that returns a string and has a string as parameter
and use std::transform to convert all the uppercase char to lower and vice versa lowercase char to uppercase
input = "aBc"
output = "AbC"

and i want to do it with a lambda, not using other mehtod like toupper, etc.

​​​​​​this is what i have so far which doesnt work, it compiles and runs but it returns nothing/ empty string;

std::string func(std::string inputString){
        std::string result;
        std::transform(inputString.begin(), inputString.end(), result.begin(), [](char& c){
                if (c < 97) return c + 32;
                if (c >= 97) return c - 32;
        return result;

>Solution :

You haven’t allocated any space in result, so you are observing a pretty gentle case of undefined behavior (gentle because it’s observably not working, rather than happening to work by pure luck).

So you either allocate such memory before calling std::transform, e.g. via


or you can use a back_inserter for result, instead of its begin iterator result.begin(), which will take care of the allocation; the page on std::transform has such an example. In this latter case, is still probably a good idea to reserve some space via

result.reserve/* not resize! */(inputString.size());

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