Allow only alphanumeric characters in a text input ( Prevent just numbers )

I’m needing a validation function of a text input for "address" than only allows alphanumeric characters but doesn’t allow only numbers.

If the input contains only numbers can’t be submitted but if contains numbers and letters it’s okay.

Thanks in advance!

Here’s what i’ve got so far;

export const getRuleOnlyAlphanumeric = () => {
  return {
    pattern: {
      value: /^[a-zA-Z0-9_.-]*$/,
      message: "Address can't contain only numbers"

>Solution :

As per my understanding, the input field should have at least one alphabet, so I think the below solution could work for you. Just checking whether the string has an alphabet should suffice for the problem.

const r = /[a-zA-Z]/i

const tests = [
'dGgs1s23', // true
'12fUgdf',  // true
'121232',   // false
'abchfe',   // true
'abd()*',   // true
'42232^5$'  // false

tests.forEach(test => console.log(r.test(test)))

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