Calculating percent of 'group' total without creating new pandas dataframe

I’m trying to add a new series to a dataframe that calculates the percent of group total. Thing is, I don’t want a new dataframe. Here is my sample data:


enter image description here

my desired output would be:

enter image description here

Any ideas, thanks in advance!

>Solution :

Following BigBen’s suggestion, you can calculate this as:

df['Percent total of male'] = df.groupby('Gender')['Amount'].transform(lambda x: x/x.sum())

Otherwise, in a more step-by-step approach you can also try:

df['Percent total of male'] = np.where(df['Gender'] == 'Male',df['Amount'] / df[df['Gender'] =='Male']['Amount'].sum(),df['Amount'] / df[df['Gender']!='Male']['Amount'].sum()

In which df['Amount'].sum() will be a scalar, and the division will calculate each rows value as % of total.

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