How do I change the color of the green parakeet picture to a blue parakeet picture in HTML using a function?

I’m doing an HTML assignment for a class at university and I was stuck on a problem asking me to create a button with the label “Change color!”. When the button is pressed, a script will execute causing the “green_parakeet.jpg” image to be replaced with “blue_parakeet.jpg”.

When I emailed the professor, she said for me to add onclick="statement" property, e.g. you can call a function here as shown in the example from the LX12 document <button onclick="f(x);">. Then you can write a script language to set up the function in a way that img tag should change src property value to a new one.

Here’s my HTML code so far

<img src = "green_parakeet.jpg">
<button> Change Color! </button>

I can’t figure out what to do next.

>Solution :

I have created this code according to this.

function change() {
document.getElementById("image").src = 'blue_parakeet.jpg';
 <img id="image" src = "green_parakeet.jpg">
<button onclick="change()"> Change Color! </button>

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