Include the output of a js script in the front

I have this js script

// Just setup, not related to problem.
const svg ="body")
    .attr("width", 500)
    .attr("height", 500);
const circle = svg.append("circle")
    .attr("cx", "150")
    .attr("cy", "150")
    .attr("r", "100")
    .attr("fill", "none")
    .attr("stroke", "black");
const polygon = svg.append("polygon")
    .attr("fill", "none")
    .attr("stroke", "blue");
const circleElement = circle.node();
const ranger ="#ranger").on("input", update);
const label ="label");

// This function contains all the relevant logic.
function update() {
  let count = ranger.node().value;
  // Calculate step length as circumference / number of points.
  const step = circleElement.getTotalLength() / count; 
  // Build an array of all points on the circle.
  const data = Array.from({length: count}, (_, i) => {
    const point = circleElement.getPointAtLength(i * step);   // Get coordinates of next point.
    return `${point.x},${point.y}`; 
  polygon.attr("points", data.join(" "));


And I have this html code:

 <div class="centered">

Number of side of the polygon.
<script src=""></script>
  <input id="ranger" type="range" min="3" max="32" value="5">
  <label for="ranger"></label>


As you can see on the picture we get an output. I want the output or the figure to be in center like the above so it’s not in the left corner anymore. How can I do this? enter image description here

  1. Also, if I want to have a new output that returns the value in a array (for example the alphabet) in the squarre as shown in the picture, how can I do that? So when we drag for number 2 the letter B should appear in the squarre and if we drag to number 3 the letter C should be in the squarre.

  2. Is it also possible to make the line (where we drag) longer?

enter image description here

>Solution :

you can set svg in css like this:

svg {
  display: block;
  margin: auto;
  width: 300px;
  height: 300px;

should be working fine:)

ps: had to change the width and height because by default it was 500×500

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