I want to update this dictionary

tickets is an empty dictionary in a file called Cities. I want to update the dictionary with new values after every time I run this program, but it ends up erasing the dictionary and adding only 1 key-value pair.

from Cities import tickets

a = {random.randint(1,999): random.randint(1,89898)}

>Solution :

If you want to keep the state between different executions of your script, you need to write to disk. Hence I suggest you use the built-in module shelve, as follows:

# cities.py
import shelve
tickets = shelve.open("data")

then use it from your script:

import random
from cities import tickets

with tickets:
    a = {f"{random.randint(1, 999)}": random.randint(1, 89898)}

Output (first run)


Output (second run)

[('900', 67984)]

The only caveat though is that the keys need to be strings.

Note: (from the docs) Do not rely on the shelf being closed automatically; always call close() explicitly when you don’t need it any more, or use shelve.open() as a context manager.

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