Send in-memory bytes (file) over multipart/form-data POST request. Python


I want to send a file with requests.send() using multipart/form-data request without storing the file on a hard drive. Basically, I’m looking for an alternative for open() function for bytes object

Hello, I’m currently trying to send multipart/form-data request and pass in-memory files in it, but I can’t figure out how to do that.

My app receives images from one source and sends them to another. Currently it sends get request directly to file, (e.g. requests.get('')), reads image’s bytes and writes them into new file on the hard drive. The sending code that works looks like this:

def send_file(path_to_image: str)
    url = get_upload_link()
    data = {'photo': open(path_to_image, 'rb')}
    r =, files=data)


The main issue I have with this approach is that I have to keep files on my hard drive. Sure, I can use my drive as some sort of a "temporary buffer" and just delete them after I no longer need these files, but I believe there’s much more simple way to do that.

I want my function to receive bytes object and then send it. I actually tried doing that, but the backend doesn’t accept them. Here’s what I tried to do

Attempt 1

def send_file(image: bytes)
    url = get_upload_link()
    data = {'photo': open(image, 'rb')}
    r =, files=data)

I get "ValueError: embedded null byte"

Attempt 2

def upload_photo(image: bytes):
    url = get_upload_link()
    file = BytesIO(image)
    data = {'photo': file}

    r =, files=data)

Backend server doesn’t process my files correctly. It’s like passing files=None, same response

I also tried:

  1. sending the returning value of the methods: file.getbuffer() and
  2. file.write(image) and then sending file
  3. StringsIO object


Final notes

I noticed, that open() returns _io.BufferedReader object. I also looked for a way to construct its instance, but couldn’t fund a way. Can someone help me, please?

If anyone is interested, the receiving api is this

>Solution :

From the official documentation:

POST a Multipart-Encoded File

If you want, you can send strings to
be received as files

url = ''
files = {'file': ('report.csv', 'some,data,to,send\nanother,row,to,send\n')}

r =, files=files)

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