This example code is from A tour of C++ book, please explain this code

In class vector, inside public those two three lines are written, Please explain the constructor function and also below two lines of code.

class Vector {
Vector(int s) :elem{new double[s]}, sz{s} { } // constr uct a Vector
double& operator[](int i) { return elem[i]; } // element access: subscripting
int size() { return sz; }
double∗ elem; // pointer to the elements
int sz; // the number of elements

>Solution :

Vector(int s) :elem{new double[s]}, sz{s} { }

This {} is also used to assign or initialize data in variable.

Vector(int s) is a constructor which is allocating a dynamic array of size s and assigning address to pointer elem and also assigning s into the private variable sz.

double& operator[](int i) { return elem[i]; }

this function is returning reference to double and taking an int as argument and returning reference to the ith element of elem. *(elem + i)

int size() { return sz; }

size function is returning the private member sz, which is basically the size of the vector.

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