ReactionDisposer is not recognizing change in enum ( mobx )

After the update of flutter_mobx: ^2.0.6+1 and mobx_codegen: ^2.0.7 the ReactionDisposer is not recognizing changes in enum

 late ReactionDisposer _refreshDisposer;
 Completer<dynamic> refreshCompleter = new Completer();

  void initState() {
   _refreshDisposer = reaction((_) => _vendorStore.serviceState, (_) {
      if (_ != LoadingEnum.loading) {
        refreshCompleter = Completer();

Observer is working fine but ReactionDisposer is not working according to change

flutter :3.0.5
Dart 2.17.6

>Solution :

The new flutter_mobx: ^2.0.6+1 and mobx_codegen: ^2.0.7 has no effect on the below import

import 'package:mobx/mobx.dart';

so to work the ReactionDisposer add this plugin mobx: ^2.0.7+5 in you’r dependencies else it won’t recognize the change

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