SQL Delete rows if 2 rows equal

I have a table like this:

id column2 column3 column4
1 value1 value2 somevalue
2 value3 value4 somevalue
3 value5 value5 somevalue

I want to delete any rows in the table where column 2 is equal to column 3.
My table is 3000 rows long, and i want to perform this for every row that has the same value in column 2 and column 3. in this example, the row with value5 in column 2 and 3 would be deleted.

ive tried

DELETE FROM exampleTable t1 
WHERE EXISTS (SELECT 1 from Table t2
              WHERE t1.column2= t2.column3
              AND t2.Id = t1.Id) 

with no success. any help would be great thank you

>Solution :

Since it is in the same table, it can be done way easier:

DELETE FROM exampleTable WHERE column2 = column3


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