Svelte components with generics

I want to use a generic type in a Svelte(Kit) component’s props, and I found out there is this type T = $$Generic thing:

<script lang="ts">
  import type { Writable } from "svelte/store";
  type T = $$Generic;
  export let store: Writable<T[]>;

While that is great, I do need slightly more information than that: I require that the T has a property id. Normally I’d do something like this:

export type WithId = { id: number };
function foo<T extends WithId>(property: T) { ... }

How can I do something similar for Svelte component props?

>Solution :

You can specify the type it extends like this:

type T = $$Generic<{ id: number }>;

You can also use type or interface names, though if you define them within a component, you might have to place them in the module script, i.e. something like this:

<script lang="ts" context="module">
    interface WithId { id: number }
<script lang="ts">
    export let store: Writable<T[]>;

    type T = $$Generic<WithId>;


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