it's not working rerendering when array state change in react [react-slick]


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This is my React code.
I use react-slick library.

I expect

1. when clickedIndex changes
2. it calls useEffect
3. option state change
4. rerender this EnlargePhto component
5. StyledSlider is affected by changed option.
6. combineMood_1 array’s initialSlide = clickedIndex
7. ex) clickedIndex = 8 –> StyledSlider start at 8 image.

BUT,, it continuely starts at array’s first image.
how can i solve it?

>Solution :

Its probably because initialSlide only defines the default starting slide, and cant be used to control it thereafter.

What you need is a ref to the slider then call slickGoTo. You wont need options in state anymore.

The api of react-slick is a bit bad by the way — usually calling methods on a ref is an escape hatch and it’d just be a prop but…this is what theyve gone with.

const options = {
   // your existing options here.
   // They can now be defined outside the component as they never need to change anymore


function EnglargePhoto({combineMood_1, clickedIndex}) {
    const sliderRef = useRef(null)
    useEffect(() => {
        if (sliderRef.current === null) return // because on initial render it will not be set yet, since the DOM isnt rendered
    }, [clickedIndex])

    // return
    <StyledSlider {...options} ref={sliderRef}>
       // existing contents

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