how to add options to inflect number-to-word?

I have a program which calculates the number of minutes of a person’s age. It works correctly. However, I want to ask if I can print the first letter capitalized.

from datetime import datetime, date
import sys
import inflect
inflector = inflect.engine()

def main():
    # heute =
    user = input('Date of birth: ')

def min_preter(data):
        data != datetime.strptime(data, '%Y-%m-%d')

        # Get the y-m-d in current time
        today =

        # die y-m-d teilen
        year, month , day = data.split('-')
        # Convert to datetime
        data = date(year=int(year), month=int(month), day=int(day))

        # And valla
        end = (today - data).total_seconds() / 60

        # Convert to words
        words = inflector.number_to_words(end).replace('point zero','minutes').upper()
        return words
        sys.exit('Invalid date')
        # convert from string format to datetime format

if __name__ == "__main__":

Here is the output when I enter e.g 1999-01-01:

twelve million, four hundred and fifty-seven thousand, four hundred and forty point zero

where I expected

Twelve million, four hundred and fifty-seven thousand, four hundred and forty minutes

first word ‘Twelve'(first letter capitalize)

I don’t know what this point zero is. I just want the minutes at the end.

Thank you

>Solution :

Just replace .upper() by capitalize() in your code

An alternative to your replace would be to obtain the total number of minutes as an integer (point zero is because end is a float number) :

end = int((today - data).total_seconds() / 60)

In that case, your words variable would be :

words = inflector.number_to_words(end).capitalize() + " minutes"

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