Oracle.ORDS: How to return column as a JSON array?

I have a master table and a detail table.
I want to make a "GET" request to get something like this

select "id","name","color","etc",
(select json_arrayagg(regions returning clob) from tbl_regions r where = regions from clients t;

and i want to have a json array in the result JSON.
BUT I have a string attribute in a reponse from ORDS service.
How to convert or to set type to a json array to a column

now i have a relust like this


but i want a natural array without ‘"’


>Solution :

JSON results from ORDS should be aliased "{}some_name".
Without the braces the engine converts the result into an escaped string.
And I would return json_object per row, it could be easier for the client instead of the mix you are trying to do.

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