Replacement based on index

I have 2 vectors like this:

rawRT (nx1 double)


prob (nx1 double)


Each value in rawRT corresponds to the value of the same order/location in prob. First, I want to apply some sort of transform to the values in prob if their corresponding values in rawRT is greater than zero.

I could do this: index = rawRT>0. Next, I find the values in prob that correspond to the ones in rawRT that are greater than 0: prob_temp = prob(index). Next, I apply the transform: prob_transform = [some function](prob_temp).

Now, what I am not sure how to do is to replace the values in prob with values from prob_transform in a way that the values that were NOT transformed in prob will remain intact. So in this example, prob(1,1), prob(2,1) will be replaced by values from prob_transform while prob(3,1) will remain the same as original.

Could anyone help?

>Solution :

You just use the same index again for assignment

prob(index) = prob_transform;

You could do this all in one hit

index = rawRT>0;
prob(index) = someFunction( prob(index) );

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