Assign multiple values to variable and proceed with if statement if any of the values matched in list

What I am trying to do:

i = ["FA 3B 65 01", "DA 1C 24 71", "BA 5B 71 21"]

# hexfile = "01 FA 3B 65 01 A2 D2 F1 B3 45 21 C5 C3 BA 5B 71 21 C3 F2 34..."
with open('hexfile', 'r') as file:
   while line :=
      if any(i) in line                   #Find "FA 3B 65 01" in first 32bytes
         any(i) = i                       #Assigns "i" to it
            # Do things with i... 
         i = i                            #Reset the value of "i" to original

I know this code is non functional currently but this is this way to help me understand the issue I am having, essentially I want to assign multiple values to var i and if one of those value is located in my if statement then it selects that value and temporarily assigns i to it.

>Solution :

You’re not using any() correctly — it needs to be a sequence of conditions, e.g. any(x in i if x in line).

But any() won’t tell you which element of the list matched. Instead, you can use a list comprehension to get all the matching elements and test whether this is not empty.

with open('hexfile', 'r') as file:
    while line :=
        matches = [x in i if x in line]
        if matches:
            match = matches[0] # assuming there's never more than one match
            # do things with match

Don’t reuse the variable i, since there’s no way to restore it to the original value.

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