Developer mode required to open TestFlight version of app, iOS 16

I updated my iPhone to iOS 16 yesterday, Today I am trying to install test flight IPA, I got the error while opening the app

Developer mode required. Until developer mode has been enabled, the app will not available for use

any solution for it?

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>Solution :

Enable Developer Mode

To enable Developer Mode go to Settings > Privacy & Security on the iOS device. Scroll down to the Developer Mode list item and navigate into it. To toggle Developer mode, use the “Developer Mode” switch.


Developer Mode, introduced in iOS 16 and watchOS 9, protects people from inadvertently installing potentially harmful software on their devices, and reduces attack vectors exposed by developer-only functionality. The feature doesn’t affect ordinary installation techniques like buying apps from the App Store, or participating in a TestFlight team. Instead, Developer Mode focuses on scenarios like performing a Build and Run in Xcode, or installing an .ipa file with Apple Configurator. In these cases, the device explicitly asks the person using it to confirm that they’re a developer, aware of the risks of installing development-signed software.

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